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LXRY Attends: A Night of Pomp & Pageantry presented by SAVVY!

Last night we attended the event, ‘A Night of Pomp & Pageantry‘ organized by SAVVY! and held at the Pomp & Pageantry store in Toronto.

The sold out event featured a variety of different stylish and fashionable young professional women, in a variety of different fields. Marketers, business owners, jewellery makers, lawyers and entrepreneurs, all filled the room and provided all sorts of great conversation throughout the night.

The event location was based out of the fashionable Pomp & Pageantry store on Scollard Street in Yorkville, with classic two-level Yorkville brick exterior, walking up to a couple of inviting people giving you a rundown of how the night was going to go on.

The event space was filled out by the attendees who casually scoped and browsed a variety of styles with complimentary drinks in their hands from the generous and witty bartenders.

The store showed off some great collections from TFNC London, House of Harlowe, Tracy Reese and Tara Jarmon. The room boasted a lot of various different styles, colours and textures, which kept the attendees splitting up their conversations due to the attention-grabbing pieces.

There was also an open bar, makeovers by Bourjois Canada, and Hand massages by AMK Studios as well, to make everyone’s night just that much more relaxed and social. It definitely made for a great night.

The event provided some great shopping for the SAVVY members, business cards of like-minded individuals being exchanged, and all around great company and conversation. We would like to thank SAVVY! for their invitation and Pomp & Pageantry for having us.

Where Pomp & Pageantry is located:

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Pomp & Pageantry

112 Scollard St

Toronto, ON

M5R 3K8

(416) 922-2937

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About Pomp & Pageantry

Based in Yorkville, this boutique fashion shop features a variety of different designers and a medley of labels. Pomp and Pageantry focus on attire that is stylish for both day and night and are built to last.





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About SAVVY!

SAVVY! is a society for stylish and elegant professional women who want to meet other like-minded women in Toronto. Their events are held at different locations around Toronto to support local businesses and to provide a fun place to relax, be outgoing and mingle!

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