John Varvatos

John Varvatos Brings New York Style To Canada

Mostly known to us Canadians through his celebrity mentor role on NBC’s Fashion Star and segmented product offerings through Holt Renfrew, John Varvatos is about to make his first full collection debut in the Canadian market.

The Greek American contemporary menswear designer launched his first line in 2000 after heading out a long menswear design career at Polo Ralph Lauren, even leaving his mark on the beginnings of the Polo Jeans Company. Since then he has been not only the recipient of multiple CFDA awards but was also named GQs designer of the year in 2007.

And although there being a strong American lifestyle associated to the brand, the company expressed that even though they are only beginning to fully feel out the Canadian market, they hope there will be a strong connection achieved through the brands products and love for music.  More specifically rock and roll, as it is an aspect that Varvatos has placed a strong emphasis on and attributes most of his influences to.

A testament to that is shown through the brand’s newest Spring/Summer campaign, featuring Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Jimmy Page and Gary Clark Jr. Two artists whom by contrast pay tribute to both the old and new and is something the brand tries to communicate through their clothing – with pre-aged looks and contemporary silhouettes. LXRY even got exclusive word that there is a strong possibility of a brand sponsored concert – something that Yorkdale expressed that they would not be against, especially after a Train concert taking place a few months ago put on by Microsoft.

The company continues to develop their main line as well as Star USA – a lower priced diffusion line – both of which will be available to Canadian shoppers.

What can we expect to see?

Expect Varvatos’ signature casual cool suiting with a rocker edge, as well as quality and fine craftsmanship, something that we have become so accustomed to with his shoes.

 The brand was until of recent searching for the perfect balance between the distinct rock influenced backgrounds with transferable enough pieces to allow each wearer to bring elements of the collection into one’s already existing wardrobe. And it seems that Varvatos has certainly achieved that for the upcoming season!

The Bottom Line

With such rock heritage being displayed at Yorkdale, it should bring the weekend crowd of people wanting to add more style to their closet. The 9-to-5 executive who is sporting a suit for most of their life can really change things up outside of the office. With John Varvatos bridging the gap between traditional and trendy, they should be a great store to watch for their grand opening at Yorkdale Shopping Centre.

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