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Drive Festival Is An Exciting Celebration of All Things Cars

Auto shows can sometimes be boring. The quiet standstill of cars on the floor, the red ropes and the information packets you get when you ask a question about the desired vehicle can be filled with annoyance.

Fancy a different car experience? Something with a bit more roar, rumble and power in different ways from your favourite cars? Well, these aching feelings all lead to the once-a-year holistic automotive experience, Drive Festival.

Enter Drive Festival

On Saturday, I attended Drive Festival at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville and was looking forward to a lot of automotive energy.

After a few minutes of taking inventory of what was around me after arriving, I immediately felt at home there and was pleasantly surprised with how many things I wanted to see next. My to-do list at the event grew bigger and bigger as I was walking around. Cars and things I wanted to see. This was like a petrol-filled, electric or off-roading heaven for car enthusiasts. An angelic balance of automotive architecture and a tailpipe symphony of sounds.

It’s harder to think what was missing there with how much was involved and how vast the festival was.

What To Expect At The Drive Festival

Are you interested in off-roading?

They displayed a whole off-road track to explore and have fun on. And no, it wasn’t just a dirt parking lot with pylons, it was a proper track.

Ever wonder how your car handles on a race track?

There were activations where attendees could enjoy a track or outlined circuit in a designated car or even their own car.

Are you interested in classic cars racing around the track?

Instead of seeing some of these ultimate classic sports cars sit pretty in an air-conditioned conference center, you are seeing automotive icons rip around a track in a very tactile way.

You don’t even have to be tied down to a set or section, you can roam in multiple different areas to see automotive excellence from different vantage points.

Would you like to learn firsthand about what it’s like to own your favourite car from its welcoming and approachable owner?

You can even do that too. Owners of exotic and classic cars were everywhere to ask and answer questions about what it’s like owning one, what is it like around a track and even maintenance.

If you are a car owner, there were a lot of vendors to explore as well. Everything from oil brands like Mobil 1, car wax brands, brands that are dedicated to apparel and much more. All ready to field questions, educate and even entertain attendees on their current and upcoming products.

If you are a supercar fan, you can enjoy experiencing cars from Bugatti, McLaren Toronto, Pfaff, Lucid Motors, Porsche driving experiences and much more.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for an all-around automotive experience that includes classic, modern, electric and race cars, track experiences, off-road experiences and plenty more, be sure to book your ticket for next year’s Drive Festival.

Sure, it’s a little north of Bloor Street and east of Church Street, but if you are a car fan, it’s worth the drive to Bowmanville.

Learn more about Drive Festival through their website.

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