Dry Land In A 2020 Lincoln Aviator To VIP Whale Watching In Charlevoix

To recap from our last story, we were flown out by Lincoln Motor Company to Quebec City to test drive the brand new 2020 Lincoln Aviator.

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The story continues the next morning at the beautiful Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu that is more castle than a hotel.

After an early morning exploring the grounds, we saw the cars, frosted as I could see my breath for the first time in 8 months. The cold was sharper than I remembered but I knew it was a fresh start to a new day of adventure.

We had breakfast and a destination to go to. The plan was set. We had been driving in the new Lincoln Aviator on so many two-lane highways throughout the course of the trip, we wanted to explore the smaller towns north of Charlevoix, Quebec.

There were beautiful towns that leveled down to the water with different elevations. They were so scenic from every direction, it seemed like everyone had amazing views from their windows. We wanted to park down to the water to enjoy the gorgeous vista along the way to our next stop.

The Dynamic Air Suspension in the Lincoln Aviator performed well as we went over bumps and bruises in the road and rode well throughout the entire trip. It was a smooth ride that did not feel like we were in the car for longer than 10 minutes with how comfortable it was. However, the trip was closer to an hour with all things considered. Definitely a car that’s built for road-tripping.

Driving in a Lincoln Aviator to watch some whales

We pulled up to a dock where we saw a narrow corridor of people with smiles on their faces pooling out of this large boat. We lined up for the next one that was about to leave on a planned route of scenic views. It was a massive boat that had no problem taking on all of the people that filled the dock.

We were then escorted to our area, a VIP viewing lounge, for what? Something much bigger than a 2020 Lincoln Aviator in the water.

Took our spots, hugging railings and phones and cameras tightly held, while over the sides of the boat, as we see fins surfacing and sinking back into the water.

We were witnessing different types of sea life, baby belugas, smaller whales and seals in every direction following the direction of the boat. Felt like I was a kid again, putting my phone down enjoying animals in their natural habitat.

After the beautiful feeling of being more connected to nature from earlier in the day, we were getting pretty hungry. So, we readied up at the front of the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu and piled into the awaiting line-up of Aviators.

Beautifully Dining In Charlevoix

All of the 2020 Lincoln Aviators are 7-seaters, so I had to put the comfort level of all rows of seats to the test. I’m 6’2” and although it was a bit tight, I could fit in the third row of seating. I can’t say the same for other cars where I may need a can opener to get in and out of them, so that was a plus for larger families or families that have some extra friends that they have to carry to and from.

We arrived at the restaurant VICES VERSA, La Malbaie, for the night and it fit right in with the classic European influence that you would find in Quebec, but with a modern interior.

This restaurant has an interesting concept. Both chefs of the restaurant are married to each other yet have their own menus on a normal night for patrons to choose from. It’s an interesting balance of individuality, codependency, and some healthy competition. The food was wonderfully flavourful for our last night in Charlevoix.

We came back to Le Manoir Richelieu, had a drink and great conversation with all the others on the trip to recap another great day.

See The Video Recapping The Day Here

The Bottom Line

For this leg of the trip, we got to know the Lincoln Aviator a lot more.

I was surprised by how well it could handle the different roads and streets we were on. As a tall gent, I was impressed by the ride capacity and enjoyed the handling and the acceleration up larger elevations. If you wanted to, you could really power through the countryside, coastline and small towns of Charlevoix. With the turbocharged V6 engine, pushing out 400 horsepower and 415 lb-ft of torque, it was a treat to drive around highly-elevated open roads and even in the tighter cobblestone streets and roads of some of the towns there.

See all the features for the 2020 Lincoln Aviator through their website and book your test drive to see for yourself today.

Next, we head back to Quebec City for our final stop and where the story ends. Stay tuned to more.

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