Enjoy The Ultimate Canadian Ski Experience With The Ski Week

Want to go on a road trip?

Not just any road trip. One to remember, especially if you are a skier.

If you are tired of going to the same hills, skiing the same ski clubs and seeing the same people, then read on, you are in for a change.

Many people when they go on a ski trip, they go to one or two ski resorts in the same area and exhaust the skiing there. You end up shredding the same routes and enjoying the same environment.

Looking for something different? Maybe it’s time you check out look at The Ski Week.

The Ski Week is a tailored ski experience that feels like more of an Olympic world tour than a ski trip.

Essentially, The Ski Week is a 3 ski resort tour in 1 week. Where you can enjoy the drive on the famous Powder Highway in British Columbia to some of the top ski spots in Canada, Revelstoke, Sun Peaks, and SilverStar.

At each destination, you are met with epic campouts and dinners on each of the mountains, all while you meet new people from all around the world.

First, if you want to appreciate the mountains, you must first appreciate the road. It starts by booking your RV for the week. You can book an RV and fill it with 4 of your closest friends. Or, if you want to make new friends over the week from all around the world, then let The Ski Week do the work and organize you into an RV.

If it’s anything like The Yacht Week‘s experience, you are in for a treat.

Once you are at each the mountain, there are terrific additional experiences you can enjoy. Yoga, snow tubing, pool parties, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, fireside chats, or if you are more experienced, Heli-Skiing.

The Ski Week Canada Schedule

If you are looking for more in-depth information about what you can expect, here is a breakdown of the 8 amazing ski days that happen during The Ski Week.

Day 1

You land in Vancouver International Airport and once you have your RV together, you head to Sun Peaks, your first mountain.

Day 2

You pick up your ski passes, get whatever you need to get ready for a day of skiing, then hit the slopes. After that enjoy the Top 2 Bottoms race enjoy some aprés ski activities.

Day 3

Heading from Sun Peaks to Revelstoke, in the afternoon. However, if you are an early riser, you get first dibs on some fresh powder at Sun Peaks if you are quick enough out of the gate.

Day 4

Revelstoke is waiting and you can ski one of the best mountains in Canada. After some good whooshing down the mountain, enjoy a hot tub or heated pool and enjoy a great party at night.

Day 5

Try your hand at Heli-Skiing or just have a slower morning as you head from Revelstoke to SilverStar. Be sure to send your texts before you hit the road, apparently, the drive is scenic and worth some minimal screen time.

Day 6

Enjoy some great skiing in SilverStar, get to know your 50 other new friends and enjoy some live music and relax.

Day 7

Last full day before you head back, better make it count. Wake up early so you can get a nice full day on the slopes, If you are more of a hockey fan, strap up some skates and enjoy some frozen lake hockey. Then better make the night count, because it’s the last one before you all head home.

Day 8

Heading back and enjoying some last minute conversation and contact swapping before you head out back home from Vancouver International Airport.

The Botttom Line

This trip feels more like you are part of the Olympic Games more than a ski trip. You get to meet people from all around the world at different levels, see some of Canada’s most beautiful scenery both driving and up at the top of the mountains and enjoy some of Canada’s best skiing. The trip provides you with a well-rounded experience for skiers to enjoy some eventful adventure that will, sure enough, be a big highlight in their skiing careers.

The Ski Week has different routes in Japan, Austria and Aspen, however, the Canadian chapter goes from February 9th to 16th and February 23rd to March 2nd. If you book fast enough you might be able to make the one coming up. Visit their website to learn more about how you can book.

Thank you for reading.

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